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Spirit of Montana Photography Workshop April 24 – 28, 2017

Pam Voth Photography and Wild Sky Photo Safaris

In Association With Bear Creek Lodge

“Spirit of Montana Photography Workshop”
– The Experience that will Never Leave You –

April 24 – 28, 2017

How will Montana’s beauty touch your heart? It is said that every photograph is a self portrait. When we use the camera to tell our own story and share our own vision, we reveal a piece of ourselves.

Join professional, award-winning photographer and Montana local, Pam Voth, for a guided journey to connect with Nature and discover the magic of Western Montana. Bear Creek Lodge is the perfect place to call home as we tune in to the power and wonder of Nature. Together, we will immerse and explore as we use our cameras to capture our own unique vision and learn new ways of seeing. The lodge is nestled in a pine forest on 155 private acres at the base of the magnificent Bitterroot Mountains near Victor, MT, so we need only to walk out the door to find ourselves surrounded by Nature’s beauty. After each day of chasing the light, we will return to Bear Creek Lodge to relax on comfortable couches in the Media Room to share our images on the large monitor and relive the stories of the day.

Your guide, Pam Voth, offers the perfect balance of inspiration and instruction. You’ll be able to practice your skills and learn new techniques that will help you grow as a creative image maker.

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Slow down and look around. As we spend time exploring the trails on the land surrounding Bear Creek Lodge, we discover so much Nature has for us to ponder.

• Greet the sunrise at the overlook
• Capture the dancing light reflected from the crystal clear Bear Creek
• Practice macro shots of Springtime wildflowers
• Use depth of field to tell a story about the forest
• Experiment with shutter speed to freeze or blur the motion of the creek
• Explore how the direction of light reveals the textures of the forest
• Be ready to photograph wildlife that emerges when you slow down and open
yourself to what is around you
• Stay up late to photograph the night skies at the overlook


We’ll take day trips to discover Western Montana through your lens.

• Photograph water birds, raptors, wild turkeys and other wildlife at Lee Metcalf
National Wildlife Refuge
• Focus on a wide variety of Montana wildlife and stunning Mission Mountain
landscapes at the National Bison Range and Nine Pipes National Wildlife Refuge
• Frame the Milky Way or shoot star trails over craggy mountain peaks

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Spirit of Montana Photography Workshop Itinerary*

Monday, April 24


Check in anytime after 1pm (please be sure to have lunch before arriving at Bear Creek Lodge. No lunch service provided today)

Welcome Orientation & Introductions begin at 4pm

Optional: Bring 5 images from your portfolio to share with the group.

Optional: Guided meditation to set our intentions for the week.



Sunset field shoot at the Bear Creek Overlook

Tuesday, April 25


Sunrise field shoot at Bear Creek Overlook

Brunch/Breakfast at the lodge

Download/edit images

Optional: Guided meditation




Field shoot: immerse yourself in the trails, creeks & forest at Bear Creek Lodge



Sunset field shoot: Bitterroot Mountain Range

Campfire and S’Mores at Bear Creek Lodge

Optional: Night Photography of Campfire & Light Painting the Forest

Wednesday, April 26


Sunrise field shoot: Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge & Bitterroot Mountain Range

Breakfast/Brunch at Bear Creek Lodge

Download/edit images

Optional: Guided meditation




Field shoot: Waterfalls, Canyon views, trails and forests near Bear Creek Lodge

Download/edit images




Campfire and S’Mores at Bear Creek Lodge

Optional: Night Photography of stars & mountain peaks in Bitterroot Valley

Thursday April 27


Early breakfast at Bear Creek Lodge

Drive to National Bison Range (approx 1.5 hours)

Field Shoot: National Bison Range


Picnic: packed lunch provided by Bear Creek Lodge

Field Shoot: National Bison Range

Optional: additional field shoot at Nine Pipes National Wildlife Refuge & Mission Mountain Range

Optional: Historic St. Ignatius Mission cathedral

Return to Bear Creek Lodge

Download/edit images


Farewell Dinner at Bear Creek Lodge

Final Slideshow

Optional:  Guided evening meditation to reflect on your experience

Campfire & S’Mores at Bear Creek Lodge

Friday, April 28


Breakfast at Bear Creek Lodge

Optional: Closing meditation to set your intention for your creative vision as you continue your artistic journey

Check out by 11am and depart Bear Creek Lodge

*Itinerary subject to change

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About Pam Voth

Pam Voth is an award-winning, internationally published, professional photographer specializing in nature, wildlife, travel, lifestyle and commercial imagery. Her love of photography motivated trips throughout India, Africa, Central America, Europe and North America to capture images that embrace the beauty of wildlife, nature, landscapes and people. She regularly photographs for clients in the outdoor recreation, tourism and luxury hospitality industries.

She loves to share her passion for photography by teaching photographic skills and techniques to students of all levels. She has guided multiple on-location nature and wildlife photography workshops and presented educational lectures through the Rocky Mountain School of Photography.

She will tell you the light makes her heart race. Students and clients will tell you her enthusiasm for nature and wildlife photography is contagious and a delight to be around.

To view her portfolio, please visit:


Reviews from past workshop participants

“Pam’s knowledge and competency in photography was equaled only by her teaching ability and joy shared with all of us. She taught us how to use different settings on our cameras, no matter the style and make of camera; how to see and use light and color; and how to frame photographs before taking them.

Attention was given to each individual, and every question was answered with detailed and helpful responses. I was a novice and felt much more comfortable after the three days with my camera and with experimenting with shots, lighting, and set-up. Overall the quality of the presentations was excellent…I highly recommend this adventure as an experience of a lifetime.”

~Susan Roy


“Pam was a wonderful resource. With her solid knowledge of photographic techniques, she cheerfully helped each one of us to get the most out of our cameras. She gave me some pointers about lighting and contrast that enabled me to get some of the best pictures I’ve ever taken!”

~ Alice Caplins


“Pam’s enthusiasm for photography is both invigorating and contagious. She not only got us all excited about learning, but provided pertinent and helpful suggestions based on our personal skill level. Pam personally helped me to better understand how to compose photographs with horses as subjects as well as how to use my camera to its fullest potential.

~ Laura Bosak

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$3891 per person (Includes Montana State Bed Tax)

50% deposit to hold space made payable to Bear Creek Lodge.

Cancellation Policy:

If the minimum number of 5 participants is not reached by April 16, any money paid will be refunded and the workshop will not occur.

If participant cancels from April 1 to April 16, 50% of monies paid will be refunded.
If participant cancels after April 16, no refund will be made.

Price Includes:

Lodging at Bear Creek Lodge in shared rooms, double occupancy and one private bath per room. (Single supplements not available.)
All meals indicated in the itinerary
Photography instruction, inspiration and guidance
Entry fee to National Bison Range

Price Does Not Include:

Transportation to/from Bear Creek Lodge
Travel during the workshop (please bring your own vehicle or arrange for a rental car prior to arriving at Bear Creek Lodge)

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You will need to bring your own camera equipment to use during the workshop.

Suggested Camera Equipment Check List:

• 35 mm DSLR or mirrorless interchangeable lens camera or point and shoot camera
• Wide, medium and telephoto lenses, (either zoom or fixed focal length)
• Macro lens if you have one
• Camera bag(s) to transport gear during short hikes to overlook and on trails throughout Bear Creek Lodge
• Tripod
• Memory cards
• Camera batteries
• Battery charger
• Lens cleaning cloth and solution
• Camera manual
• Method for downloading, sorting, viewing and sharing images during critiques (eg:memory card reader, USB thumb drive, laptop loaded with image editing software, external hard drive with enough capacity to store the images you shoot during the workshop)
• Large plastic bag (like kitchen trash bag) to protect equipment in case of sudden rain
• Remote shutter release (optional for night photography)
• Flashlight or headlamp (for night photography and pre-sunrise/post-sunset)
• Binoculars or spotting scope (optional for wildlife viewing)

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Coaster Pedicab: Ultimate Fun on Three Wheels

The folks at Coaster Pedicab know how to have fun. When I first heard about their three-wheeled, pedal-powered vehicles, I just had to get a tour of their factory. The place was filled with smiling people! The owners used to pedal pedicabs in big cities and got to know firsthand what things they’d like to improve upon…durability, style, functionality – and most of all – customer service. So they set up shop in Bonner, Montana and got to work designing and building the best pedicabs, cargo trikes and beer trikes in the country. I was honored to be invited to collaborate with their marketing team to shoot some photos of their products in action. My goal with lifestyle photography assignments like this one is to show the personality of products and let the people in the images show the story about how the product performs in real life. Here are some of my favorite shots from the session.


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Lupujus is on the Loose!

Imagine Nation Brewing has done it again. Meet Lupujus, the first addition of their new signature series of craft beers. It is made with four pounds of hops per barrel, added at the perfect times to minimize bitterness and maximize hop flavor. You owe it to yourself to grab a teku glass of this yummy new brew at the taproom, 1151 W. Broadway in Missoula, MT. Trust me…I got to drink this one right after the photo shoot. It goes great with sunshine and a Montana frame of mind.


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ABC Acres – A Permaculture Farm in Hamilton, Montana

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit ABC Acres outside Hamilton in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley recently. ABC Acres is a permaculture farm that actively integrates natural systems into the sustainable production of food and creation of habitat for its wildlife neighbors. While visiting, I got to meet some of ABC Acres’ resident animals and partners in permaculture. Enjoy their furry and feathery faces!



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My Bokeh Garden

Can a change of perspective affect the way we feel about things in life?

I’m enjoying a cup of coffee in my hammock trying to check in on my feelings about the dandelions that have taken over our backyard. What is true is that I can not win the battle with this plant. It is also true that I can have what ever feelings I choose to about this situation.

I can appreciate the absolute and total success dandelions enjoy as they dominate the grasses, cultivated wild flowers and the corner of our yard where we try to grow food. I notice the impressive shape shifting this species displays throughout its life. It arrives on the scene in Spring with broad lush, edible, detoxifying leaves. Then, tiny hard buds poke up through the middle. Suddenly, overnight, the stems grow tall, sending up a green sphere that one morning opens up into a bright cheery yellow cushion. The honey bees love this and stay busy collecting pollen from the carpet of yellow blooms. It is fascinating to notice how the plants open their flowers each morning and close them in the cool of the evening.  Then, one day, the yellow flowers close in on themselves for the last time. Inside their closed cones, they get to the business of creating a puffball of seeds, each equipped with its own propeller-like parachute.

This morning, sunlight shines through those puffballs so beautifully. I see a bokeh garden. Bokeh is that beautiful artistic effect that occurs when a camera’s lens renders points of light as out of focus blurs. I can’t resist when the light is so beautiful. Coffee can wait. It will only take one seed-scattering gust of wind, or the sun to rise a little higher in the sky and the whole effect will be lost. I grab my camera and start to play among the dandelions.


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Rising and Shining…On the path to star trails

Learning to photograph star trails….Day 1

I’ve been spending lots of time thinking about getting up the nerve to try shooting star trails. (It’s hard enough to get up for sunrise, let alone go out in the dark night and wait forever for the Earth to spin us right round the North Star!) On a recent night, the sky was black and clear and full of stars. It would have been the perfect opportunity to shoot. But, I didn’t have all the equipment. What I still needed was a way to trigger the shutter remotely so that, while on “bulb” setting, there would be no camera shake. On my last trip into town, I bought the Canon RC-6 remote trigger. A quick test of the equipment proved that, indeed, I’d be able to shoot on “bulb” for the necessary long exposure needed.  Now, all I needed was another clear night. It’s been so warm lately that the Earth and Mountains have been working together to blanket the valley in fog.  Fog is beautiful, don’t get me wrong. But it’s not going to work for star trails.

Early this morning, the sky looked clear so I thought I’d give it a practice run.  I knew it was too close to sunrise to get any really long star trails. For this first attempt, that was fine with me. I just wanted to prove to myself I could shoot a “pin point” star shot and a “star trails” shot. They both require such different settings. With the light coming quick, I managed to get one shot that showed stars moving, starting their trails of light. I held the shutter open for 75 seconds, f2.8, ISO 400.  You can just barely see the trails starting. I think that if I start late at night and give it more time and slower ISO I could get a better result.

Since the sun was coming up anyway, I stuck around to get some images of our biggest star spraying pink rays across the sea of gathering clouds.

Rising and Shining by Pam Voth Photography_1.jpgRising and Shining by Pam Voth Photography_2.jpgRising and Shining by Pam Voth Photography_3.jpgRising and Shining by Pam Voth Photography_4.jpgRising and Shining by Pam Voth Photography_5.jpg

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Imagine Nation Brewing Tanks Arrive – See Photos of the Day

November 25, 2014 was a big day for Imagine Nation Brewing, the world’s first combination microbrewery and center for positive change. After 6 years of careful planning and support from community, friends and family, Robert Rivers and Fernanda Menna Barreto Krum realized another milestone on their journey to make their dream a reality. Two huge semi trucks loaded with tanks arrived at the brewery located on the banks of the Clark Fork River in downtown Missoula, MT. The day was as steely gray as the tanks, but a group of hardworking, fast thinking folks came together to unload the stainless vessels from the trucks and maneuver them into place in the brewery.

To see all the photos from the day, hop over to this page and watch the story unfold. To learn more about Imagine Nation Brewing, please visit their website

Here are some highlights:

Imagine_Nation_Brewing_tanks_arrive_by Pam_Voth_032.jpgImagine_Nation_Brewing_tanks_arrive_by Pam_Voth_036.jpgImagine_Nation_Brewing_tanks_arrive_by Pam_Voth_046.jpgImagine_Nation_Brewing_tanks_arrive_by Pam_Voth_054.jpgImagine_Nation_Brewing_tanks_arrive_by Pam_Voth_075.jpgImagine_Nation_Brewing_tanks_arrive_by Pam_Voth_092.jpgImagine_Nation_Brewing_tanks_arrive_by Pam_Voth_128.jpgImagine_Nation_Brewing_tanks_arrive_by Pam_Voth_140.jpg

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Come to the Free Lecture on Animal Photography

I’ll be presenting a free lecture on Animal Photography at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography on Februrary 18 from 7-9pm. They are located at 216 N. Higgins and the lecture will be in Studio B. This will be fun! Hope to see you there.

What kind of animals do you like to photograph? Lions, and tigers and bears? Or maybe cats and dogs? How about birds and bees? Pam Voth will share stories from the field and some valuable techniques she’s learned from years of photographing animals – both wild and tame. Animal photography requires a delicate balance between infinite patience and lightning speed. Learn how to use the elements of light, composition, depth of field and timing to express your own vision with your animal photography.

Click here for more details.

Here are a couple of segments from the Wake Up Montana show with Terri Elander that ran Monday morning.

On Part 1, scroll ahead to 2:34 for the start of the segment.

On Part 2, scroll ahead to 3:09 for the start of the segment.

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Best Friend Dog Photo Session: Millie On & Off the Porch

I met Millie while visiting friends in Auburn, WA. I just love her expressiveness.
She had lots to say…as you can see!


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Dalai Lama Environmental Summit Photo Gallery

Maitripa College, the first and only Tibetan Buddhist college in the Pacific Northwest, was the honored host for His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, who spoke at a 3-day public event in Portland for The Dalai Lama Environmental Summit. The Environmental Summit included enlightening teachings and conversations with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and distinguished leaders of the Pacific Northwest environmental, scientific, policy and faith communities.

“The Book of Tree” film crew consisting of director, Rob Whitehair, and producer, Pam Voth, was allowed access to film and photograph the event.

On the final day of the summit we filmed an interview with Dr. David Suzuki who spoke passionately about the need to place a high value on saving the environment.  Please enjoy these select images from the summit.



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