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My Bokeh Garden

Can a change of perspective affect the way we feel about things in life?

I’m enjoying a cup of coffee in my hammock trying to check in on my feelings about the dandelions that have taken over our backyard. What is true is that I can not win the battle with this plant. It is also true that I can have what ever feelings I choose to about this situation.

I can appreciate the absolute and total success dandelions enjoy as they dominate the grasses, cultivated wild flowers and the corner of our yard where we try to grow food. I notice the impressive shape shifting this species displays throughout its life. It arrives on the scene in Spring with broad lush, edible, detoxifying leaves. Then, tiny hard buds poke up through the middle. Suddenly, overnight, the stems grow tall, sending up a green sphere that one morning opens up into a bright cheery yellow cushion. The honey bees love this and stay busy collecting pollen from the carpet of yellow blooms. It is fascinating to notice how the plants open their flowers each morning and close them in the cool of the evening.  Then, one day, the yellow flowers close in on themselves for the last time. Inside their closed cones, they get to the business of creating a puffball of seeds, each equipped with its own propeller-like parachute.

This morning, sunlight shines through those puffballs so beautifully. I see a bokeh garden. Bokeh is that beautiful artistic effect that occurs when a camera’s lens renders points of light as out of focus blurs. I can’t resist when the light is so beautiful. Coffee can wait. It will only take one seed-scattering gust of wind, or the sun to rise a little higher in the sky and the whole effect will be lost. I grab my camera and start to play among the dandelions.


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