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Imagine Nation Brewing Tanks Arrive – See Photos of the Day

November 25, 2014 was a big day for Imagine Nation Brewing, the world’s first combination microbrewery and center for positive change. After 6 years of careful planning and support from community, friends and family, Robert Rivers and Fernanda Menna Barreto Krum realized another milestone on their journey to make their dream a reality. Two huge semi trucks loaded with tanks arrived at the brewery located on the banks of the Clark Fork River in downtown Missoula, MT. The day was as steely gray as the tanks, but a group of hardworking, fast thinking folks came together to unload the stainless vessels from the trucks and maneuver them into place in the brewery.

To see all the photos from the day, hop over to this page and watch the story unfold. To learn more about Imagine Nation Brewing, please visit their website

Here are some highlights:

Imagine_Nation_Brewing_tanks_arrive_by Pam_Voth_032.jpgImagine_Nation_Brewing_tanks_arrive_by Pam_Voth_036.jpgImagine_Nation_Brewing_tanks_arrive_by Pam_Voth_046.jpgImagine_Nation_Brewing_tanks_arrive_by Pam_Voth_054.jpgImagine_Nation_Brewing_tanks_arrive_by Pam_Voth_075.jpgImagine_Nation_Brewing_tanks_arrive_by Pam_Voth_092.jpgImagine_Nation_Brewing_tanks_arrive_by Pam_Voth_128.jpgImagine_Nation_Brewing_tanks_arrive_by Pam_Voth_140.jpg

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