Come to the Free Lecture on Animal Photography

I’ll be presenting a free lecture on Animal Photography at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography on Februrary 18 from 7-9pm. They are located at 216 N. Higgins and the lecture will be in Studio B. This will be fun! Hope to see you there.

What kind of animals do you like to photograph? Lions, and tigers and bears? Or maybe cats and dogs? How about birds and bees? Pam Voth will share stories from the field and some valuable techniques she’s learned from years of photographing animals – both wild and tame. Animal photography requires a delicate balance between infinite patience and lightning speed. Learn how to use the elements of light, composition, depth of field and timing to express your own vision with your animal photography.

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Here are a couple of segments from the Wake Up Montana show with Terri Elander that ran Monday morning.

On Part 1, scroll ahead to 2:34 for the start of the segment.

On Part 2, scroll ahead to 3:09 for the start of the segment.

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