Reviews – Commercial Clients

As a photographer with over 18 years in the advertising agency business, it is always a pleasure to apply my marketing and branding experience to my photography clients’ businesses. Here is what several clients have to share about their experience working with Pam Voth Photography.

“Pam has been instrumental in helping us to craft an updated photo archive that reflects the rustic elegance of our unique property. Her keen eye finds angles and images that might not be on our shot list, but that end up being some of our favorite, iconic photos! Pam integrates herself seamlessly into our environment so that her camera is unobtrusive, and she has taken the time to get to know ranch employees and the flow of our days so that she sometime feels like an extension of our staff. The nature of Montana weather and the nuances of running a luxury ranch property mean that plans can sometime go awry, but Pam is reliably flexible and ready to jump into action as circumstances dictate. Pam has been a terrific partner to work with and the scope of her talent means that I can call on her for everything from cabin interiors to cuisine photos to action shots and capturing some of our spectacular Montana countryside!”

Jennifer O.
Marketing & Sales Director
Triple Creek Ranch

“It’s always been a pleasure to work with Pam. Her comprehension of photography, shored up by technical proficiency and networking know-how, sets her well above and beyond others in her field. Not only is Pam pleasant and friendly, she’s reliably creative, detail-oriented – exceptionally ambitious about carving out a unique place of her own in the competitive ‘world’  of photography. I highly valued the knack for marketing and legal insight she brought to the table during the infancy of my own businesses start-up at Shady Spruce Hostel. Rest assured, Pam is a whole lot MORE than just a photographer who produces pretty pictures with nice camera equipment and software. She sets the bar well above other photographers I’ve worked with, so am confident in recommending her service.”

Chris Guttenberg
Proprietor, Shady Spruce Hostel

“Pam Voth is more than a photographer; she’s more than an artist; she’s a muse who brings forth the innate beauty of projects and products.  We feel so lucky to have had Pam with us during all the stages of the development and implementation of our brewery and educational center.  She listens to our hopes and then transcends them with her art; she deeply cares about us and what we are trying to do in the world; she captures our activities and beer in a way that inspires people to want to connect on a deeper level.  Thank you, Pam, for all the beautiful images; thank you even more for being a wonderful presence in our lives.”  

Robert Rivers and Fernanda M.B. Krum
Co-Founders, Imagine Nation Brewing Co. & Center for Community Transformation
Missoula, Montana