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Reviews of Pam Voth Photography Expeditions

Thank you to everyone who has submitted a review. Hope to see you again on a future trip!


“Pam’s enthusiasm for photography is both invigorating and contagious. She not only got us all excited about learning but provided pertinent and helpful suggestions based on our personal skill level. Pam personally helped me to better understand how to compose photographs with horses as subjects as well as how to use my camera to its fullest potential. Being able to ride from “shoot” to “shoot” was just icing on the cake. The horses provided plenty of material as well as inspiration. The Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch is breathtaking and just begs to be photographed.” ~ Laura Bosak

“Pam’s knowledge and competency in photography was equalled only by her teaching ability and joy shared with all of us.  She taught us how to use different settings on our cameras, no matter the style and make of camera; how to see and use light and color; and how to frame photographs before taking them.

 Attention was given to each individual, and every question was answered with detailed and helpful responses.  I was a novice and felt much more comfortable after the three days with my camera and with experimenting with shots, lighting, and set-up. Overall the quality of the presentations was excellent.  I had a small camera so could take it with me while riding.  The riding and horses presented fabulous possibilities for interesting and artful shots, from using the shadows of the horses to focusing on their ears.  Additionally and unexpectedly, the added height while being on a horse provided a new perspective for ground and landscape shots. 

I highly recommend this venture as an experience of a lifetime.” ~Susan Roy

“Pam was a wonderful resource. With her solid knowledge of photographic techniques, she cheerfully helped each one of us to get the most out of our cameras. She gave me some pointers
about lighting and contrast that enabled me to get some of the best pictures I’ve ever taken!” ~ Alice Caplins

“I went to Pam’s photography workshop at the TR Ranch last fall and had a great time. I came back with some beautiful photographs, despite my being a total novice. Pam answered all my questions and gave me a few guidelines at the beginning, so I was able to experiment with composition and light without having to think about too much information. I never used the camera while I was riding because I was concerned about where I would keep the camera. Others from the workshop took fabulous pictures while riding their horse, especially the one by my friend Ellen, who was riding Romeo and rode up close to me to get a shot of my horse, Mickey, with his ears flattened down.

 When you’re on a horse you have different perspectives and you can use the horse to get close or take shots through his ears etc. Also what a wonderful subject a horse is with their rich color and expression and personality. We also got some wonderful shots crossing a dangerous ridge to get to a lunch spot where we focused on the changing fall colors of leaves.

 Pam was an exceptional teacher who was patient with me. I am 68 and digitally inexperienced and cautious, but Pam encouraged me to go ahead and do it. She provided numerous situations for shots that were interesting and extremely photogenic, like the homesteader’s cabin in afternoon light and the mountains at sunrise. Pam put together a delightful slideshow with our best photos. Quite a few of mine were in it so I felt I had really accomplished something.

 Pam is a highly qualified teacher with a great sense of humor and patience with inexperienced as well as competent student photographers. I look forward to working with her again.”

~Juliette Crump
UM Professor Emeritus of Dance